Thank You, Modern Domestic–I Feel Sew Creative

I went to the Portland Modern Quilt Guild (PMQG) Open Sew night last Saturday at Modern Domestic.  I hoped to sew some and socialize some and I did both.  I also won a raffle prize!  This was quite a surprise both in terms of what I won and the fact that I did win.

The kit included a travel case (which will be useful getting to an from open sew events), a Nine Patch Ruler (which might encourage me to actually follow a pattern), a “Quick” Yo-Yo Maker (which I am not sure what to do with yet), a Quilters Hangup quilt sleeve (which is waiting for me to actually finish a quilt), a tea towel (which is begging for some embroidery), 2 packs of fabric samples (one of which coordinates perfectly with the dining room walls and I will use for placemats), a Square-Up Template Set (which looks super useful for my new t-shirt project) and a gift certificate for 3 hours of open sewing at Modern Domestic (which I am really looking forward to using).  Thank you again, Modern Domestic.  I really appreciate it!

I started a new project at the open sew.  It is a blanket for a new baby I know.  It is a surprise so I am not going to give too much away.  I will share more pictures when it is done.

I hope you are feeling sew creative too!  Head over to Modern Domestic if you need a place to open up that creative space in your brain….

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