When Will it be The Day?

I wrote this post last year on the day of the Sandy Hook school shootings.  A year later gun sales are up and young people continue to be injured or killed accidentally or on purpose by guns.  I will probably remember the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings more on Henrik’s birthday than on the true anniversary because he shares a birthday with one of the young victims.  A month ago I kept her family in my thoughts as we celebrated Henrik’s birthday knowing that her family would not be able to share in the same joy with their child on that day.  He turned eight this year and she did not.

I was relieved when Henrik’s school started locking the school’s exterior door next to his classroom after the shootings.  Why should this concern even enter my mind?  Since restricting access to guns continues lack sufficient support, what is the alternative?  Arm his teacher?  Eliminate circle time because she would always need to teach from a defensible location in the classroom?  Coordinate with the custodian to secure the hallway en route to recess?  Prohibit hugs for fear of accidental discharge of her gun?  How is arming elementary teachers even a topic for debate?

My heart still aches for the unimaginable losses of Sandy Hook families and for what we have lost as a nation when we consider the security of the entrances of our child’s school at morning drop off and whether their teacher would take a bullet to protect them.

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